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CoviEvent.org is the best service to manage carpooling (ridesharing) free of charge and without signing in. As ergonomic as Doodle, a simple shared link (url) with all the participants and each can view the cars and the passengers as well as form the teams by list or on the map. Drivers are automatically alerted.

On the side of COVIEVENT ?

Usefull for your private or business events (wedding, party, concert, festival, trip, sport, meeting, assembly, congress...), the site is without advertising and your data are not on sale .

Un service de covoiturage de la plateforme grand public libre et gratuite Mobicoop.fr.


CovEvent permet d'organiser la mobilité via une carte interactive et des suggestions de covoiturage automati- sées. En plus de cela, la carte peut contenir d'autres solutions de mobilité (transport public, bus etc). Une offre sur-mesure est disponible pour personnaliser la carte, les icônes et les mails aux couleurs d'une organisation et pour s'intégrer sur un site, une page Facebook ou dans une application

CovEvent simplifies the whole mobility of your event thanks to an interactive map and thanks to its automated carpooling matches. On top of the carpooling offer, it enables to group other mobility solutions such as public transportation and shuttles. Customizations of the map, icons and emails are possible as well as the integration of the map on a website, an app or a facebook page.